With a panel of carefully chosen ecosystem of partners, ranging from tooling, electronics   material, wide range of capabilities are available to create new products using new processes. Our development process allows design to push boundaries   reduce risk. Designers and engineers work closely with the development team to create various prototypes required throughout the design   development process. Production capabilities also help bring new products quickly and painlessly to market, allowing for a quick learning process with minimum investment.

Product Engineering

To develop a product successfully, smooth integration between design and engineering is essential. Our designers   engineers work together and have overlapping sensibilities, allowing for better integration between both faculties. And capabilities across a wide range of platforms, materials   processes. Making it possible to deliver a product in the totality of its design.

Engineering Concept Development | Electro-mechanical assemblies | Value Engineering
3 D CAD | 2D Drawings | Engineering Analysis | Materials & Processes


To offer the best resources to our designers & engineers, Future Factory has an in-house workshop facility where prototyping machines & workshop tools interface with specially trained craftsmen to create models and prototypes that test design and engineering efforts. This helps us reduce new product risk and bring the best products to market quickly, all the while maintaining client confidentiality.

Rapid Prototyping | Foam Models | 1:1 Aesthetic Models | Paint Shop
Working Prototypes | Electro-mechanical assemblies

Innovation Lab

To foster innovation, the right conditions are necessary. Future Factory has developed labs by nurturing the right conditions and capabilities. A cross-functional team of highly specialized talent is hand picked to lead a client lab. The team works to deliver disruptive ideas that have the ability to change lives, inflecting businesses to unforeseen opportunities.

Product Innovation | Intellectual Property | Technology Application | Material & Process Application

Batch manufacturing

Future Factory takes up ODM assignments for some select products that need our development understanding and our attention. It helps our clients get quality products, and helps us hone our capabilities in product development, making it possible to create better products repeatedly.

Assembly | Testing & Validation | Embedded Electronics
Short Run Production | Quality Control | Supply Chain | Vendor Development | Logistics