An expert at Industrial Design, we house some of the best talent in India delivering world class aesthetics, great functionality and user experience. The quality of our work has won global accolades for evoking emotion and reflecting meaning, across consumer, healthcare, and industrial sectors. Design here works closely with Technology and Business to first develop a Design Blueprint that maps the design investment over the portfolio, ensuring a better return on design. This also helps us work with tight cost briefs, a key criteria in Asian markets.

Industrial Design In Singapore

Alternate Cardiac Care Unit (A.C.C.U)

revolutionizes the cardiac care industry through non-invasive therapy, combining the ancient science of Ayurveda with modern day diagnostics. The treatment has been researched and practiced over 10 years with no side effects and has been proven to be as effective in treating heart blockages as the commonly prescribed angioplasty/ angiography. Its sub $2000 price point as compared within other equipment in this category, makes cardiac care accessible to millions of patients previously incapable of affording quality cardiac care.

Hospital Treatment Equipment

Over the years, Future Factory’s team of designers have worked relentlessly with Hospitech, a home grown brand in the hospital equipment business. To use design to achieve a world class product. Right at the start, the team immersed itself in the context of use. Using ethnographic tools, industrial designers witnessed operations, and sat in emergency rooms. Through liaisons with doctors, hospital staff, and
certification agencies, they immersed themselves in surgery. The first product was an indigenous anti-hypoxiguard control. From design & engineering to testing and certification and finally production, the Future Factory team took responsibility for every stage of new product development. Ensuring we create increasingly better products & interfaces that are still standing when everything else breaks down.

Product Machine

Insulin Pen

25% of the world’s diabetics are Indian yet insulin dispensers are designed for the pockets of the developed world. With a view towards creating affordable dispensers for developing countries, the Future Factory team attacked the problem afresh. The result was a patent that could revolutionize the medical industry by manufacturing at 30% of the existing cost and make quality healthcare affordable for most.

Aquaguard Magna

Bringing premium styling and modularity to the largest selling electric water purifier in India, Magna was tailored to meet the growing needs of an urban home. Magna represents classical design principles in action. Encasing several innovative technologies within an efficient compact body, it is designed to be flexible yet ergonomic in different use-cases. The design also ensures a build quality for extensive use. Recipient of the Golden Peacock Award.

Chotukool Box


Our work in the technology sector is best exemplified by chotuKool. Bringing thermoelectric technology to the mature, established appliance industry, chotuKool was a ground breaking innovation. It offers 35 L of refrigeration to a rural family who has limited access to electricity, cooks everyday and stores very little. The 2.0 version keeps the product affordable, but brings in a cool- factor through revolutionary customized skins, thereby widening the appeal to urban audiences and raising it’s aspirational value through design.

Edge Digi

When designing the next range of direct cool refrigerators, the team identified the opportunity for a cost effective direct – cool refrigerator with the convenience of frost free refrigerator. This meant making it most energy – efficient, yet delivering the best cooling efficiency and automated defrost. Edge Digi proved to be the best product in its category in the Indian market was awarded the Good Design Award soon after the launch.

Designer Godrej Fridge
Godrej Fridge


A range of Frost Free Refrigerators designed to address the “New Face of Indian Kitchens”, Spin is designed to bring functionality that reflects changing needs of modern India. Sleek, fresh styling complements built-in functionality to create a user-centered and aspirational product.

Godrej personal Locker
Godrej Personal Locker


When working for a security client Future Factory conducted extensive research and uncovered an interesting opportunity outlining the need to secure everyday valuables, as these products need to be used several times a day, and had to be developed for convenience. However, security was an essential part of the product. Using technology to develop security, Goldilocks brought everyday security in a convenient way to user. An anti-theft buzzer alerts the owner on moving the product as a local sensor is enabled bringing enhanced security in a highly accessible environment.


Yunity is a wearable device for women that drives user experience across health, safety and lifestyle domains. Equipped to work as an electronic gadget but designed as a piece of jewellery, Yunity encourages everyday wear through careful “fashion styling”. It integrates serious electronic functionality yet maintains a slim and elegant profile. Yunity’s platform extends to phone-enabled features, GPS-enabled security, and health monitoring features. The project reflects Future Factory’s capabilities across design, embedded electronics, and user experience.

Fashion Accessory
Aquaguard Water Purifier

Aquaguard Geneus

Geneus is a smart water purifier that breaks with the current method of water purification. In developing country homes, severe water shortages usually cause unpredictability in input water quality. Geneus is responsive, sensing the quality of input water and intelligently applying the best technology in real-time. The design meets never-before standards of water conservation, creating an ecological solution to real issues we face today. It also reflects the identity of the India’s leading brand through a carefully designed visual language, reflecting advanced performance and timelessness.

H2.0- Water Treatment

H2.0 is designed to bring technologies used in large water treatment plants, to small communities living with unsafe water. H2.0 brings proprietary German technology created to address post-war arsenic groundwater contamination in Europe to local schools in the Indian Ganges delta where such natural contamination causes serious health hazards. The design of H2.0 is centered around giving this intimidating technology a human face for use in schools and ownership by local communities.

Harbauer H2.0
Petrol Pump Machine

Sprint – Fuel Dispenser

Designing for India often represents a unique set of challenges. Making designs India-proof takes insight, superior yet frugal engineering, and dependable performance. The large number of stakeholders, challenging tooling costs and vendor restrictions along with a demanding and varying operating environment, all represented a set of serious constraints where absolutely nothing could be taken for granted. Sprint delivered on all fronts, (with a modular construction that allowed superior quality control, customizable exteriors for different oil companies) and spawned a family of variants in various sizes and configurations. Eventually winning the Golden Peacock Award for innovation and being introduced across 6 countries.True proof of our global delivery benchmarks was by L&T, India’s largest engineering giant, who approved and implemented the engineering delivery without a single request for change.

Beep- Metal Scanning System

Security demands perfection and dominance, yet this can be daunting for people subjected to it. This becomes a matter of concern when hand held detectors are used in hotel lobbies and other hospitality venues usually accustomed to providing high levels of customer comfort, which is why Beep is designed to encase high performance in reassurance. The fluid form extends from the handle all the way to the tilted ring where the sensors are located. A blue light emanates from within the ring indicating clearance accompanied by the familiar “beep” sound. Enhancing performance by design.

Aquaguard Purifier


Reducing the footprint by 60%, overhauling serviceability in totality, and managing inventory of parts, are just some of the invisible improvements in Eureka Forbes’ high end cooler. On conducting a tear-down of the cooler, the team at Future Factory saw much potential is re-engineering the product for better ergonomics, serviceability and parts management, with the result that the brief had a strong engineering skew aside from the design element, moving way past aesthetics into the heart of the product and improving efficiencies in all aspects of the consumer-product interface.

Plastic Buckets


Stacket is an innovation that combines the convenience and nesting of a conventional bucket with the stackability of the traditional Indian ‘Matka’. It has been designed for convenience, the 16 litre capacity is easy to carry when full and the stack height is just right for the relatively slight Indian woman to access. Though Stacket was designed primarily for water storage, it has been used differently in many homes. It can be utilized for sorting laundry, soaking of clothes before hand washing as well as neat storing of children’s toys. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award.

Norway Stationary

Starting with a trend and brand study, the team worked on the design of new range for the European market. A design language was developed across the range to allow different sizes to resemble one family of products. Keeping in mind that all of them were to have a strong build quality and the finesse that any European product would be expected to display.